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Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali

A Believer in Allah(swt) and his Messenger (saw)

Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali was a follower of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and made the transition to leadership under Imam W.D. Mohammed in 1975. To date, Imam Ali has continued support of an association with that leadership.  Imam Ali began as the President of the Committee for the Removal of All Racial Images That Attempt to Portray the Divine (CRAID) In Chicago.  He also began a 25 year career in printing as a pressman at Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, which later became Muslim Journal. While in college at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois, and the Kennedy-King College in Chicago, Imam Ali majored in communications.  He was also Imam of the Evanston Islamic Center, Evanston Illinois. Currently, Imam Ali is the Imam of Northeast Denver Islamic Center/Masjid Taqwa.  Imam Ali is also Co-chair and a founding member of the Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance, a faith-based organization whose mission is to promote and implement coalitions among faith communities (of Abrahamic traditions) and service providing agencies to address the social needs of Denver’s at risk populations and Project Director of the Northeast Denver Islamic Center’s Responsible Fatherhood Program funded by the State of Colorado. Imam Ali was a speaker at the Interfaith Service at the Democratic Convention and the historic breakfast honoring Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” forty-five years later. Some of the other organizations that Imam Ali contributes his time to are:  The Colorado Muslim Council (CMC), the Black Educational Advisory Council (BEAC). He recently gave an invocation for the Mayor’s interfaith inaugural and was recently invited to the White House for to represent Northeast Denver Islamic Center/Masjid Taqwa.  As a student and friend of Imam W.Deen Mohammed he works with all G-d conscious people, which includes the Detroit National Annual (DNA) W.D. M. Muslim Convention. He is married to Dr.Sadikia Ali and they have eight children between them. He is married to Dr.Sadikia Ali and they have eight children between them.

With Allah’s name the Merciful Benefactor The Merciful Redeemer