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Northeast Denver Islamic Center / Masjid Taqwa

Our Masjid

Located in the inner city of Denver, and the historic Park Hill neighborhood, NDIC’s greatest opportunity for Dawah has been outreach to the predominant numbers of African Americans in the surrounding community. There are many challenges as competing interests have created a long standing struggle over the influence of African Americans. Often those who choose to embrace Islam see themselves as “reverting” to Islam as the descendants of Africans brought involuntarily to this country, who were Muslim but not allowed to practice Islam.

In 2009 NDIC moved to its current location at 3400 Albion leasing to buy the property that was formerly a Church of Christ. Our mosque has been named Masjid Taqwa (Mosque of the G-d Conscious). Imam Abdur-Rahim Ali has been the resident Imam from beginning.

In addition to being a place of prayer, educational programs and programs addressing the needs of at risk populations in Northeast Denver, such as parenting classes, English as a second language (ESL), and life skills and job readiness classes for persons reentering the community from prison. Masjid Taqwa is also a founding member of the Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Fatherhood/Parenting and Domestic Violence Class —5:30 PM
Tuesday: Fatherhood/Parenting and Domestic Violence—1:00 PM
Wednesday: Fatherhood /Parenting and Domestic Violence Class—1:00 PM
Friday: Jummah Prayer—12:30 PM MST (1:00 PM MDT)
Saturday: Weekend School (Quranic Arabic, Seerah (History of the Prophet) and ESL,—
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
Sunday: Weekend School (Same as Saturday)—10:00 AM—2:00 PM.
Talim (Discussions) 2:30 PM—4:00PM
Shurah (Board of Directors’s Meeting) 8:00 AM –9:30 AM (First Sunday)

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